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Wires for coils 

There are some basic features that apply to all wires for coils, regardless of their composition. The first basic feature of any wire is its true size, commonly called "Wire Gauge," and is expressed as a numeric value. The actual diameter is not really important. What matters is that as the number of the Wire Gauge increases, the diameter of the wire decreases.
The common instruments for measuring the wire from the shortest to the largest diameter are: 32, 30, 28, 26, 24 and 22. There are other natural sizes. Secondly, as the wire size increases, the resistance of the wire decreases and generally takes longer to heat the cable due to the larger wire mass. You may have heard the term "Ramp Time". Ramp Time is the time it takes to warm up your coil to the temperature required to vaporize your e-liquid when you press your battery button.

Temperature control (Tc)

Certain metals, as they heat up, increase their resistance predictably.
A prediction that now most mods of the market they can do so once the Tcr (Coefficient of Coil Temperature) of the wires which support temperature control.
Wires for coils are  suitable for temperature control are selected due to the Coil Temperature Coefficient (TCR).
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